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Storm Born Issue 4 Early Review

Well, thanks to our partners at Sea Lion Books we were able to get our hands on an early copy of Storm Born Issue 4. Thank you for that, by the way.

No surprises there, it starts off where issue 3 left off, with Eugenie and the gang trapped in Aeson King's castle, where she finds out some pretty shocking things - Will has betrayed her and (dun-dun-dun-duuun!) Storm King is her father. Fortunately, Kiyo appears at the right time, in fox shape, and saves the day by creating a good enough diversion. Meanwhile, Eugenie tries to get Jasmine to come with her but she runs away, like she was scared for her life. Not wasting another moment, Eugenie uses Wil's spirit as an anchor and goes back to Earth. After getting over the shock of the transition she almost kills him for the betrayal, but Tim, who guarded Wil's body while they were in the Otherworld, manages to slightly calm her down, so she lets him walk away unharmed. The first thing she does after getting home is asking her minions about Kiyo and Storm King. Naturally she doesn't want to believe that she is in fact the daughter of an otherwordly tyrant, so a few days later she goes to visit her parents and ask them for the truth. When they confirm the story she leaves the house disappointed, deciding she didn't want to see them for a while.Outside her parents house she spots Kiyo following her, as a fox, and she tries to send him away, succeeding for the moment. When she gets back home she decides to retreat in her sauna, where she takes a trip down memory lane succeeding to unlock the memory of her answering Storm King's call. She is interrupted, though, by a feeling of negativity that shouldn't have been there. She track down the source of it, and finds a Gray Man in her bathroom, who, no surprise, tries to rape her. Eugenie demonstrates her ingenuity again, by using a silver framed mirror as a weapon. With the Gray Man distracted she does the banishing spell, sending him to the world of the dead. A few seconds later Kiyo bursts through the door, to help Eugenie, only he was a little too late. She tries to send him away, but he refuses to leave until she lets him explain everything. Having no other options she listens to him and learns that he was told to mark her by Maiwenn, the queen of the Willow Land, who opposed Storm King. Kiyo also tells her that he has feelings for her and that he wants to help her and protect her, and even though Eugenie doesn't want a relationship at the moment she agrees to let him be her friend ad look after her. Also, she agrees to a meeting with Maiwenn, only if she crosses over to the human world. Some minutes after Kiyo leaves, Volusian appears in the room saying he has new information - the interest in Eugenie has increased and there will be organized attacks from now on. Volusian offers some advice on that also. He thinks that the attacks would stop if Eugenie claims her heritage and starts practicing gentry magic. For the moment she decides to go on with her life normally, so she starts taking jobs again. Two weeks before Beltane, Eugenie's mom stops by and they somewhat reconcile. In the middle of that, though, Eugenie feels the signs of spirits in her house. She fights two of the six spirits off, and then, her mom shows up for support, only she is using the wrong fighting metal. Pissing a spirit off never ends well, so her mom gets slammed into a wall and falls unconscious to the floor. Eugenie banishes another couple of spirits but she becomes sloppier, because she thinks of her mother and she gets captured by the last two. In that moment a mud elemental enters the room, and threatens to kill her mom if she doesn't let him have his way with him. Crying she agrees to it, but the elemental stops in his track while he feels a storm forming. Eugenie realizes she is connected with it, so she desperately tries to stop it, with no success, though. The elemental wants to cross back over to the Otherworld but Eugenie can't let that happen so she tries to block out everything that's happening around her, again with no success and then she passes out.
Well, that's the resumee of this full of surprises issue. I think I don't need to say again that the drawings were perfect and that I loved it, but still... 10 out of 10 stars from me.
I hope that you will like it as much as I did and that I helped influence you, just a tiny bit to buy it, and I'll see you soon [I think?!] other reviews. Bye!

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