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Storm Born Issue 3 Review



Storm Born Issue 3 picks up where issue 2 left off - with Eugenie deciding to cross over to the Otherworld, so she could save Jasmine. Before doing that though, she calls her 'minions'(Volusian, Nandi and Finn), as she likes to call them, asking for advice. Unsatisfied with what they have to offer, she releases them, after asking one last question - how many otherworldly creatures know her real name. Well, now that's an answer she really didn't like hearing...
First thing next morning, Eugenie met up with Will and they crossed over. There they found the spirits waiting for them and they started walking towards Aeson's castle. While crossing through the Oak Land, though, they encounter a little surprise - they are attacked. After getting defeated, the whole group is in danger of getting killed, but fortunately, Eugenie succeeds in making the guards think that she has business to discuss with the king, Dorian. So, they are taken to see him, and we can notice immediately that he is intrigued to have the famous Odile there. He even starts flirting with her after a while, but Eugenie just pretends she doesn't notice it. After finishing with dinner they go in a private place (aka Dorian's bedroom) to talk about serious stuff. Once they get there, Dorian, stalls a little more, telling her a story about Storm King, and then agrees to help her by sending a servant who knows Aeson's castle. Eugenie agrees to this and he takes her to meet him, not before making another proposal - he will help her recover Jasmine, himself if she agrees to share the bed with him that night - which she promptly declines.
After meeting the servant, the whole gang leaves towards the Alder Land. This issue is ending with them getting to the castle and being trapped inside a room where Aeson keeps Jasmine.
I, personally, am starting to like the comic books more and more. They capture the essence of the story perfectly and the way everything is drawn really helps me understand it even better. The characters are pretty similar to what I imagined, so Sea Lion Books get major score for that. Overall, I'd give this comic 10 stars. It was exactly what I was expecting.

Check out the first six pages of the comic :

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