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REVIEW : One Grave at a Time - Jeaniene Frost

As a reader and a fan of Jeaniene, i couldn't help reading her sixth book from Night Huntress series. Night Huntress happens to be in strange tie on my favourite books list. I dare say that every vampire-lover should read this series sooner [or later...]. So let's get started.


Firstly, i must say that this book wasn't even a tiny bit as i expected it to be. The very very sweet crew from Frost Fans [] did an awesome job with the quotes and messed up badly my theories, that i ended up believing nothing and just reading the book.

Okay. At first i thought Cat and Bones would sepparate again, or Cat or Bones would be in terrible danger and unable to help each other, i thought that this book wouldn't have the same humour and that it would be a little more serious. And these thought bugged me for almost a month, till the book was released.

Not to mention the purpose - to kill a ghost [that everybody knows that it already is quite dead and not-quite solid], was even more intriguing. 
So. The plot was built nicely. We have two ghosts that love eachother, two vampires who also love eachother more than anything and are always up to eliminate the danger, a group of supernatural-hot-and-deadly-as-hell friends, and a ghost to kill. Again! this sounds fang-tastic!

The main characters were maintained like in the previous books. I simply love Cat and Bones, both as a couple and characters. But, in this book there are some things that spice up everything. It is being introduced to us a new characters - Tyler, a medium with some odd preferences [ yeah, well, i adored him in those moments when he tried to flirt with Bones AND Spade AND Ian] and some genious quotes. Honestly, he was one of the biggest pluses of this book. I laughed so hard at some scenes that i got stomach ache! Jeaniene outdid herself this time.
Also, even that this book doesn't have Vlad actions/quotes/presence in it, it has Spade and Ian. And this was enough for me! I think Jeaniene didn't want to have Vlad here because this would have meant that everything would have been too damn easy.
And i said something about Spade and Ian. They were beyond funny. They were the salt and pepper of this book.

Next on with the action [or i'll never finish this review] - this book was too interesting, at this point. The new notions about ghosts, about plants and mediums and creatures kept me hooked to the story because it was NEW STUFF. Also, some turns surprised me. I never ever expected to see Cat ON FIRE. Litterally. At that moment i remained silent and gapping at the monitor. And some more things did the job nicely.

The environment wasn't quite spectacular. EXCEPT that time in the air. okay, everybody knows how intense is the love between those two, but i wouldn't ever bet that they would do it IN THE AIR!! Seriously, this is beyond expectations.

All in all, i loved this book. Anyone can say that Cat and Bones were more mature and less arguing, that Vlad wasn't there and the story missed some witty quotes, that no one expected Denise to actually get shot or something like that. In my oppinion, all of the above gave the book that portion of evolution and showed that Cat and Bones are up to live and love and evolve as a couple as long as they are alive.

And the mark is the easiest ever.
10 out of 10 , without questions.

What do you think about the book?
Did you miss Vlad more than ever?
Did you like this version of Cat and Bones or the previous?
How was the action for you? Better or not?

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