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Dark Swan comic #1 and #2 - review

This review wasn't supposed to be written now, but since this blog had more than 150 pageviews i decided to do it. That would be the second review of Richelle's work in less than a week, but let's consider that they are actually different. I like/love/adore comics. They can make us, the readers, picture easier our favourite characters, and if we get to talk about Dark Swan main characters - then you hit a good spot.
More Pictures below.

We can see on the cover the famous shaman "Odile" Dark Swan - Eugenie Markham. I'm not sure who published this comic, who draw and colored it, but i can simply say it's amazing.

The characters from this book series aren't that easy to draw. Eugenie has like a dozen of tattoos, everyone trickier than the other, and an interesting appearance - note the hair in each scene, her face's expression, lights and shades on her hair and eyes with that not-so-normal indigo colour, her clothes and maybe the most important things - her weapons. Then, Kiyo, who's face and mood shifts even quicker than the weather and let's remember that he's the hottie-male from the series. Then Dorian - the gentry king. Then Dorian's Court and servants. The gentry beings - who are as various as the shoes from a shopaholic woman. If you were the artist to draw all of this, i wouldn't even wonder how it would be in you place because this task is not difficult, but more of a killer one.

Still, the ones who bought the copyrights did an awesome job.

The script is cool. If you haven't read the original book serie, it's ok. You will understand what's happening. At least i haven't read the book series before, but the comics convinced me after reading them.

And the drawing is simply perfect. I have no objections to that.
As a matter of fact, i preffer to show you some picture instead of commenting something i consider perfect.

 Eugenie Markham

-profile according to

Age: 26
Hair: long, cinnamon
Eyes: violet
Height: 5' 8”
Profession: Shaman-for-hire

Kiyotaka Marquez

-profile accordin to

Hair: black, "not quite to his chin"
Eyes: large, dark
Skin: golden-tanned
Height & Build: "tall and broad-shouldered, nicely muscled"
Heritage: born to Japanese mother and Latino father 
 Profession: Veterinarian

King Dorian along with a part of his Court :

All i can say about these two numbers of the comic is that i absolutely adore them and that i recommend them to everybody even if you read the series or not. They are awesome and i can hardly wait for the rest.

So, my grade will be just obvious :
10 out of 10!

Okay. What i have to say now it's beyond reviews and stuff that will come here as featured. I do make blog affiliation AND blog promotions ( see that one with "Carti cu Colti"). All you have to do is contact me :


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