miercuri, 28 septembrie 2011

Building up the Review List - Editura Nemira [Part 1]

As every reviewer knows, we HAVE to make a review list. What books to read, which ones to pick from this publisher, check our favourite authors and stuff like that. So we will feature here our romanian publishers and pick book from each one monthly! and we'll feature some of newest books this year and most-wanted list. Help us choosing?! Pretty please!

 We will start with...
Nemira [ ]

This publisher has the interesting series of George R.R. Martin - "A Song of Ice and Fire", also this series was used as the base of the TV Show Game of Thrones. NYT bestseller author, successful tv series, enough fans we can't count. Sounds good.

Also, they feature Stephen King, the author that needs no description because of his fame. What got into my attention is "The Dark Tower" wich was rumored to be turned into a movie. Also, we will have to read his latest release, "Mile 81".

And, in the end, we will have to continue "The Hunger Games" Series, with the second book - "Catching Fire" a.k.a "Sfidarea" - to be reviewed.

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